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Post-Machining Services–Assembly, Testing and More

The unwavering commitment to quality that draws clients to RBI for precision machining, can also be brought to bear in a full suite of post-machining services, including assembly and testing, packaging, shipping and more. Many clients who rely on us to manufacture their subcomponents are pleased to learn that RBI can be a one-stop shop with custom solutions to each and every step of their production journey.

Your One-Stop Machine Shop–From Design to Delivery

For OEM and other precision-machined parts and components, assembly-level testing is critical, and often as intensive as the fabrication itself. RBI is equipped to design, build and execute your existing assembly procedures, or develop a custom solution by fabricating a complete assembly, including fixtures and tooling as needed, for the testing of your specific product.

RBI’s complete Assembly and Test services are available for a range of mid- to heavy-equipment components, OEM products and other machined parts. Our customers represent a broad swath of industries, including automotive, engine, heavy truck and off-road, ATV and agriculture. As with our renowned machining and CNC capabilities, all of our custom assembly and testing processes are in full compliance with our IATF 16949-certified Quality System standards.

In addition to high quality machining, assembly and testing operations, RBI offers additional services, from bar coding and product stamping to custom packaging solutions, specialized kitting and even worldwide, JIT delivery as needed. As with everything we do, our post-machining services are performed with our commitment to the highest quality standards.


Comprehensive, specialized Assembly and Test services

  • Designing and fabricating fixtures and tooling for the most efficient assembly processes.
  • Utilizing Quality measures before, during and after the assembly process.
  • Developing control plans and procedures to produce the highest quality, cost-effective assemblies possible.
  • Using the latest technology to design and implement tests that validate all final customer assemblies.