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Comprehensive Supply Chain & Manufacturing Solutions

At RBI Precision Machining, we don’t just machine your components with industry-leading tolerances and quality. We come to the table with an entire suite of precision manufacturing solutions and related services, all geared toward helping you manage your production and supply chain with unparalleled expertise and efficiency.

By continually investing in industry-leading technology and top engineering talent, RBI is able to optimize client supply chain efficiency while delivering the superior quality components the world expects from RBI Precision.


RBI Precision is staffed by a team of world-class design, manufacturing and electrical engineers. Equipped with the most advanced CAD and CNC technologies, they are able to achieve highly innovative solutions to even the most complex product design challenges. RBI engineers are masters at refinement, designing elegant solutions that contribute to optimal efficiency in your supply chain.


Getting your parts out on time and on schedule for your supply chain only matters if the quality delivered meets or exceeds your expectations. At RBI Precision, superior quality is where success begins.

Our industry-leading quality control processes are IATF 16949-certified. Our expert quality assurance specialists use Instituted Quality Management Systems (QMS), APQP (Advanced Parts Quality Planning) and a range of other metrics and best practices to ensure all of our products are built exactly to spec, every time.

Precision Machining Capabilities

The RBI Precision Machine Shop is outfitted with highly advanced CAM, CAD and CNC equipment representing the state-of-the-art in close-tolerance machining for a range of medium- to heavy-load industrial applications.

From bar and flat stock milling up to 50 by 25 inches, to turning at up to 13-inch diameters and 20 inches in length and through-spindle diameters up to 2.5 inches, the RBI Machine Shop is well-equipped to manufacture your most exacting components with impeccable precision. In fact, our +/- .00005” tolerance capacity is among the best in the industry. At RBI, we don’t believe it should cost any more or take any longer to deliver the finest quality.


RBI Precision offers a suite of post-fabrication services that can save our clients time and money when integrating new parts into the supply chain. Our Assembly and Testing Center has the capacity to put your RBI components to work before they leave the shop. This step is crucial in helping identify opportunities for further refinement while minimizing delays and cost overruns. Of course, RBI testing and assembly functions, like all our processes, are certified IATF 16949 compliant.