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Guiding Principles


We don’t merely supply our customers with the best precision machined components on the market; We go above and beyond to develop a collaborative partnership with your business so that we can tackle your toughest engineering challenges with the expert machining solutions your business deserves.

We strive to nurture our existing customer relationships while constantly cultivating new long-term partnerships.

We seek to grow and expand our capabilities alongside the businesses we service, remaining on the cutting-edge of the machining industry. At the same time, we leverage our strengths by partnering with the most appropriate clientele for our machining skills and expertise. In our experience, this fosters a win/win relationship reflected in the consistent quality and unbeatable delivery times we offer with the products we manufacture.

We employ fair, calculated and consistent management practices.

We expect more from ourselves and deliver more for your business.

We work to sustain growth for the future of our business and the customers we serve.


To meet and exceed all of our customers’ challenges.

To help our customers grow and prosper within mutually lucrative engineering partnerships.

To establish the RBI Precision name as synonymous with dependability and excellence.

To institute a sense of ownership and pride within all of the hardworking employees who comprise RBI with their diverse skill sets and expertise.

To be stewards of teamwork, respect, honesty and diversity.

Code of Conduct

RBI Precision will comply with all applicable employment laws and regulations.

We will conduct business in a fair, honest environment

We will keep and maintain meticulous business records, product documentation and other records to emphasize quality control and accountability.

We will promote a clean and hazard-free workplace adhering to the strictest industry standards in safety.

RBI Precision aims to employ innovation, diversity and– above all–respect for each other in everything we do.