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A Brief History of the RBI Precision Machining Company

RBI Precision was established in 1981 as a premium manufacturer for the aerospace industry. Our machine shop has substantially evolved throughout our 40-year history, remaining on the cutting edge of the manufacturing world with the latest advancements in CAD/CAM engineering equipment and CNC machining tools.

We remain dedicated to the same quality and customer-focused principles upon which our business was founded. We accomplish this by continually advancing the IATF Certified machining capabilities at our disposal.

Significant dates in our history:



Maro Precision established by Roger Monroe

1981 – 1989

Performed precision machining for aerospace industry

1989 – 1992

Ownership change: Sudbury Group

1992 – 1994

Ownership change: Maro Precision Group buyback

1994 – 2004

Ownership and name change to RBI Precision. Richard Lancaster: Began machining engine components for Cummins

2004- 2009

Ownership change: Scott Fuhrman: Began assemblies of engine components for Cummins

2009 – Present

Ownership change: New owner: Edward Bunch, Jr.